Tradable 20% and 100% Credit Bonus by Uniglobe Markets

Tradable 20% and 100% Credit Bonus by Uniglobe Markets

Begin your Forex Trading Journey with the dual benefits of a 100% Deposit Bonus and a 20% Tradable Bonus in the Uniglobe Markets. So, start your earnings.

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Discover the Uniglobe Broker's Forex 100% Deposit Bonus

Uniglobe Markets introduces a lucrative opportunity for traders through its 100% Credit Bonus initiative, accessible to both new and existing clients upon depositing or re-depositing funds into their live accounts. With a solid track record spanning over 9 years in the market and a substantial client base exceeding 100,000 satisfied individuals, bolstered by a social media following of 150,000 on Facebook, Uniglobe Markets guarantees a reliable trading atmosphere. Avail yourself of the advantages of a 100% credit bonus, requiring a minimum deposit of $100 and offering a maximum leverage of 1:200. This promotion is tailored to accommodate all types of accounts, elevating trading prospects for investors across all proficiency levels.

Key Benefits of 100% Deposit Bonus

  • 100% Credit Bonus
  • Minimum deposit requirement of $100
  • Maximum leverage capped at 1:200
  • Applicable to both New and Existing Clients
  • Accessible for all types of account holders

Explore the Details of Uniglobes Forex 20% Tradable Bonus

Uniglobe Markets introduces a captivating offer for traders, providing a Tradable Bonus of 20% on all deposits, which are fully withdrawable. This time-limited promotion enables clients to receive a bonus of up to USD 2000 upon the creation of a live account with Uniglobe Markets, empowering them to swiftly amplify their trading capabilities. With the advantage of an immediate bonus upon deposit, traders can leverage various funding methods to enhance their account leverage and margin positions, fostering enhanced flexibility and profitability in their trading pursuits.

Advantages of the 20% Tradable Bonus

  • Immediate Bonus upon Deposit
  • Opportunity to Receive Bonuses of up to $2000
  • Bonuses are Tradeable and Withdrawable
  • Various Funding Options Available
  • Ability to Boost Account Leverage
  • Enhanced Margin Levels

Steps to Obtain Credit Bonuses

  • Register an account on Uniglobe Markets
  • Deposit a minimum of $100
  • Receive the 100% and 20% bonuses to initiate trading
  • Generate profits and request withdrawals
  • Fulfill the specified lot requirements to facilitate withdrawals

Forex Trading Deposit Bonuses Terms and Conditions

  1. 100% Credit Bonus valid for a Limited Time post-deposit.
  2. Earn $2 cash-back for each standard lot traded, credited monthly on the 5th, with a $100 minimum deposit.
  3. Maximum leverage: 1:200, maximum bonus: $5000/account. Trading indices does not qualify for cash rebate.
  4. Offer extends to new and existing clients depositing into live accounts, limited to 1 account per client/IP address. Cash-backs provided upon trade closure; no cash-back for positions open less than 3 minutes.
  5. Withdrawal removes credited bonus; internal transfers prohibited. Uniglobe Markets not responsible for consequences of Offer cancellation or decline. Offer cannot be combined with other bonuses or cash-backs based on trading volume. Clients utilizing existing bonuses are ineligible. Uniglobe Markets may withhold Offer if terms are violated or acted in bad faith. Uniglobe Markets reserves right to modify, amend, or terminate Offer without prior notice. English version of terms supersedes translations.
  6. To receive the 20% Bonus, deposit at least $100 into your trading account. By account opening, clients agree to Bonus terms,
  7. Uniglobe Markets' terms, and risk disclosure, lasting 60 days from credit date.
  8. Internal transfers ineligible for Bonus. Maximum leverage: 1:300, subject to change by Uniglobe Markets. Bonus request must be made within 5 business days of deposit; no Bonus if trading commences prior to request. Maximum Bonus: $2000 per client, one account per client.
  9. Uniglobe Markets reserves right to revoke Bonus prior to withdrawal. Bonus augments trading potential and can be utilized for trading or withdrawal. For instance, deposit $1000, receive $200 Bonus, commence trading with $1200. Profits eligible for withdrawal after meeting trading requirements.
  10. If account reaches 60% stop out level, positions may be auto-closed. Bonus credited upon fulfilling all conditions but not considered a liability by Uniglobe Markets and may be withheld at their discretion.
  11. Clients must adhere to terms, act in good faith, and refrain from abusing the offer to receive the Bonus. Uniglobe Markets may deny or retract Bonus if abuse is suspected. Losses may surpass deposits. Uniglobe Markets reserves right to modify or terminate offer without notice. English version of terms takes precedence in translation discrepancies.

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