Forex Referral Bonus $25 New for all JustMarkets clients

Forex Referral Bonus $25 New for all JustMarkets clients

Forex Referral Bonus is that bonus which offers a free bonus from trading made by your friend where you can get a $25 bonus which you can use to trade.

Direct Connecting Link Forex $25 Referral Bonus by JustMarkets

What is the JustMarkets Referral $25 Free Bonus

The Just Invite Friends program by JustMarkets offers clients the opportunity to earn up to $25 for every lot traded by their referred friends. Participants can share their unique partner link through various channels such as social media or email. Rewards are earned when referred friends become JustMarkets clients and engage in trading activities. The program operates on two levels, with participants receiving 100% remuneration for directly referred clients and 10% remuneration for clients referred by sub partners. Remuneration is based on trading volume and varies for different account types. The program has specific conditions, including the requirement to use a unique partner link, minimum trade pips criteria, and restrictions on referring relatives or oneself. Remuneration is paid to special IB accounts and can be withdrawn or transferred to other trading accounts. The company retains the right to exclude clients from the program, deactivate partner links in case of fraud, and modify the program with prior notification. The Just Invite Friends program aligns with the terms and conditions of the IB Partner Program.

Advantages of the Forex Bonus

  • Up to $25 Bonus
  • Secured Referral Link
  • Easy to become a traders
  • Simply get rewards
  • The commission is withdrawble

How to acquire the Forex New Bonus

Forex Referral Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. Available for all JustMarkets clients
  2. Participation requires going to the Partnership Area in the Back Office, copying a unique Partner Link or Partner Code, and referring clients
  3. Referred Clients are individuals or entities registered with JustMarkets through the Partner Link or Partner Code
  4. Remuneration is based on the trading volume of clients who opened accounts via Partner Link or Partner Code
  5. Two levels of Remuneration: 100% for directly referred clients (Level one) and 10% for clients referred by subpartners (Level two)
  6. Paid for all qualified orders on all types of Trading Accounts and platforms
  7. Orders must meet Minimum Trade Pips criteria (5.9 pips) to qualify
  8. Remuneration varies based on the level of the Referred Client and account type
  9. Paid to special IB accounts for qualified orders within a 24-hour period, available for daily withdrawal
    Can be transferred from the IB account to other trading accounts or withdrawn
  10. Prohibited to refer relatives, affiliates, or oneself
  11. Company reserves the right to exclude Referred Clients from the list
  12. Company can deactivate the Partner Link and Partner Code in case of fraudulent activities
  13. Follows the same terms and conditions as the IB Partner Program
  14. The Company can change, update, or cancel the program with notification in the Company news

Forex New Referral Bonus new $25 Credit by Justmarkets

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