Get a Risk Free $30 No Deposit Bonus from JustMarkets

Get a Risk Free $30 No Deposit Bonus from JustMarkets

Start your Forex Jurney with Risk Free Trading Bonus which is a No Deposit Bonus where you are getting a 30 USD free for trading and making profits

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What is the Specifications of the $30 No Deposit Bonus

JustMarkets extends a warm embrace to novice traders with an enticing Welcome Bonus amounting to $30, effectively serving as a springboard for their foray into the dynamic realm of forex trading devoid of any personal financial risk. To seize this golden opportunity, aspiring traders are encouraged to complete a straightforward registration process and establish a dedicated "Welcome Account" tailored specifically for this purpose. Within the confines of this specialized account, traders are afforded the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating domain of FX currency pairs and metals. However, it is important to note that certain restrictions govern these trading activities, including predefined maximum order volumes per position and limitations on concurrent positions. Moreover, traders must diligently fulfill specific prerequisites to facilitate the transfer of their accrued profits, which entails engaging in a minimum of 5 lots while ensuring each transaction yields a profit or loss of no less than 6 pips. Furthermore, the process of transferring profits to a live trading account necessitates a minimum deposit of $100, subsequent to which the Welcome Account is rendered inactive, thereby precluding any further trading endeavors. Although the Welcome Bonus persists as a permanent fixture, it is incumbent upon users to recognize that the company retains the autonomy to effectuate amendments or cancellations as deemed necessary. Consequently, it is incumbent upon users to familiarize themselves with the comprehensive terms and conditions outlined by the company before embarking on their trading odyssey.

How to Acquire the Forex Welcome Bonus

  • Register on the broker's platform.
  • Finalize the verification process.
  • Obtain the complimentary $30 and kickstart your trading journey.
  • Accrue profits and swiftly initiate withdrawal.
  • Ensure compliance with the specified lot volume to enable withdrawal.

Risk Free Forex Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. Welcome Bonus reserved for Welcome Account users.
  2. Existing clients barred from opening a Welcome account.
  3. Each client can avail themselves of a single Welcome account, receiving a $30 bonus only once.
  4. Opening multiple accounts prohibited, leading to permanent account suspension.
  5. Access the bonus by registering and opening a Welcome account; funds are automatically deposited.
  6. Trading limitations include FX currency pairs, metals, USD currency, maximum order volume of 0.01 lot, maximum 5 positions, and no robot usage.
  7. Special provision of swap-free accounts for Muslim traders.
  8. Conduct 5 lots of trading to enable profit transfer.
  9. Transactions necessitate a minimum profit/loss of 6 pips.
  10. No partner commissions applicable to Welcome account trades.
  11. No deposits or internal transfers accepted into the Welcome Account.
  12. Ensure the Welcome Bonus Account is opened within 30 days of registration.
  13. Deposit $100 to initiate profit transfer to a live account post-bonus terms fulfillment.
  14. $30 profit accessible for withdrawal upon meeting all criteria.
  15. Profit transfer fixed at $30, with each client granted a single transfer opportunity.
  16. Profit transfer processed within 2 hours during Finance Department operating hours.
  17. Following profit transfer, Welcome Account deactivated, bonus revoked, and balance reset.
  18. Discovery of matching IP addresses or personal data may result in account suspension and bonus cancellation.
  19. Company retains the right to revoke the Bonus at its discretion.
  20. Bonus applications subject to rejection by the Company without prior notice or justification.
  21. Campaign terms subject to alteration or cessation by the Company without prior notification.
  22. Client data may be utilized for marketing purposes by the Company.

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