JRFX offers Free $35 No Deposit bonus for Forex trading

JRFX offers Free $35 No Deposit bonus for Forex trading

The Welcome Forex Bonus is a $35 bonus without any deposit. You can use it to trade and make profits and withdraw them after meeting the required lots.

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What is the Overview of the $35 No Deposit Bonus

JRFX, a platform for trading money from different countries, is having a special deal. They're giving new users $35 for free when they sign up, without needing to put any money in first. Plus, there's another offer where you can get even more money - up to 100% of what you deposit, along with free top-ups, extra books for trading, and bonus deals. And the best part is, you keep the money you make, all with only a small initial investment. This means you can try trading without risking your own money right away, and maybe even make some extra cash. If you've been thinking about trying foreign money trading and don't want to use your own money, this deal from JRFX might be just what you're looking for.

Key Advantages of the Forex Bonus

  • Get $35 without requiring any deposit.
  • Receive a bonus of up to 100% based on your deposit.
  • The platform offers flexibility for trading.
  • You can withdraw your profits.
  • Choose from various payment methods.

How you can achieve the Forex Free Welcome Bonus

  • Create an account on the market.
  • Complete the KYC verification process.
  • Receive a free $35 credit.
  • Begin trading and earn profits.
  • Meet the required lots volume and withdraw them.

Free Forex No Deposit Bonus Terms

  1. Offer 1: Free Welcome Bonus
  2. New traders receive a $35 welcome bonus without needing to put any money in when they sign up.
  3. The bonus is added to your account as soon as it's created.
  4. It's valid for 7 days, with a 14-day period for making transactions.
  5. You can only claim the bonus once.
  6. To withdraw the bonus and any profits, trade 3 lots within 14 days.
  7. Not meeting the conditions might lead to losing the bonus.
  8. Offer 2: Up to 100% Forex Deposit Bonus
  9. Available for first-time depositors.
  10. The bonus amount changes (from $100 to $5000) depending on how much you first deposit.
  11. Complete trading tasks while the bonus is still valid.
  12. After trading 10 lots, you can get the bonus from the member center.
  13. Valid until December 31, 2024.
  14. If you don't claim the bonus within 3 days after it expires, you lose it.
  15. The event ends if you trade less than 10 lots or ask for a withdrawal during the validity period.
  16. Find more details in the member center.

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