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A very exciting opportunity to advance our trading careers with rich rewards is indeed the forex trading contest. Today, ThinkMarkets has started a mesmerizing trading competition where participants may earn over 5000 USD. Here, the first prize was valued at $3000, the second prize at $2000, and the third award at $100. You must establish an MT4 account, register for the contest using the link, and begin trading in order to participate in it.

Direct Promotion Link: Lunar New Year Trading Contest

Acquirable: All Traders

Bonus Period: Limited Time

The first winner will have:
* Prize value: 3000 USD
* Transfers to the UK & lodging when booking two flights
* Two tickets for the LFC game
* Two VIP tickets for a tour of Anfield stadium
* Access to two hospitality lounges
* Two official LFC autographed team shirts

The 2nd Winner will possess:
* Prize Value of 2000
* Two flights to the UK, including lodging and transportation.
* Tickets for 2 LFC matches
* Access to the hospitality lounge twice

The third prize winner will receive:
* Prize Value: $100
* An official LFC squad shirt, autographed

How can I enter the contest to win prizes?
* Sign up for a trader's MT4 account.
* Click the link to sign up for the Lunar New Year Trade Contest.
* Start trading and earning rewards.

Rules & Regulations:
You must use and comprehend the ThinkMarkets Terms & Conditions of the Contest in order to trade without running into any difficulties.

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