Acquire a Forex $30 Welcome Bonus New - FIBOGROUP

Acquire a Forex $30 Welcome Bonus New - FIBOGROUP

Start your forex trading journey with FIBOGROUP and get a generous $30 welcome bonus. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the world of forex trading without risking your own funds. Sign up now and enjoy the benefits of a trusted broker with excellent trading conditions and exceptional customer support. Don't miss out on this exciting offer!

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What exactly is the Welcome Bonus of $30?

Open the gateway to exceptional trading with FIBOGROUP's Welcome Bonus! Starting at 30 USD, this exclusive offer is tailored for eligible clients who meet specified criteria. Valid for MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed accounts, it supercharges your trading prowess. Qualify by validating your email, mobile number, and completing vital personal verification. Upon eligibility, utilize the Promo Code in your Client Area, activate your account, deposit a minimum of 10 USD, and claim your bonus. Experience trading flexibility with both personal and extra funds, and relish profit withdrawals upon meeting trade requisites. Remember, FIBOGROUP retains the prerogative to adjust or revoke the bonus in certain scenarios. Elevate your trading journey today!

Crucial Highlights:

  • Decoding the Welcome Bonus: A generous initial fund of 30 USD bestowed upon qualified FIBOGROUP clients who satisfy precise prerequisites.
  • Currency Variation: Gain the Welcome Bonus in a currency differing from your primary account currency. Our internal conversion rate guarantees a smooth shift.
  • Applicable Account Types: The Welcome Bonus is exclusive to designated MetaTrader 4 accounts like MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed.
  • Exclusive Clause: Clients who have previously enjoyed Welcome Bonus offers are excluded from eligibility.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Validate your email address.
  • Confirm your mobile phone number.
  • Successfully complete the two-step personal information verification (passport details and address confirmation).

Getting Started with the Welcome Bonus:

  1. Initiate a suitable trading account.
  2. During account setup, opt for "Bonus Programs."
  3. Choose the "Welcome Bonus 30 USD" option.
  4. Enter the Promo Code provided.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Welcome Bonus: Distinctive 30 USD fund designed for qualifying FIBOGROUP clients.
  • Currency Adaptability: Convertible to your primary account currency.
  • Eligible Accounts: Limited to MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed accounts.
  • Previous Participants: Unavailable for those who previously received a Welcome Bonus.
  • One-Time Eligibility: Each client can access this benefit once.
  • Activation Process: Employ a specific code within your Client Area.
  • Promo Code: Dispatched through email or provided by a sales manager.
  • Instant Bonus Transfer: Applied instantly upon entering the Promo Code.
  • Activation Deposit: A minimum deposit of 10 USD is essential for bonus activation.
  • Trading Freedom: Personal and extra funds are at your disposal without constraints.
  • Drawdown Benefit: Extra funds remain accessible during drawdowns until Stop Out.
  • Fund Debit: During drawdowns, the client's funds are debited before extra funds.
  • Profit Withdrawal: Achievable after completing 16 trades that meet specific criteria.
  • Exclusion of CFD Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency CFD trades are not included in withdrawal calculations.
  • Stop Out Effect: Extra funds are debited following Stop Out.
  • Rejecting the Bonus: An option to decline the provided Welcome Bonus.
  • FIBOGROUP's Authority: Reserves the right to decline, remove, or cancel the bonus.
  • Client Acceptance: Acceptance is implied once the "Welcome Bonus 30 USD" is deposited.

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