Forex 50% New Trading Bonus on each Deposit by Octa

Forex 50% New Trading Bonus on each Deposit by Octa

Octa presents an opportunity with a Forex Deposit Bonus on every deposit, enabling traders to embark on their trading journey with just a 50 USD investment.

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What is the overview of Forex 50% Trading Bonus of Octa

This bonus serves as both a Welcome Bonus and a Deposit Bonus, providing traders with a 50% bonus upon investing 50 USD. Additionally, traders benefit from an increase in Free Margin, withdrawable bonus funds, and profits facilitated by the Automatic Payout system. Octa also offers access to advanced trading platforms such as MT5 and MT4, ensuring smarter, easier, and more convenient trading experiences. Furthermore, traders can enjoy the flexibility of the trading system and leverage popular payment gateways like Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, Mastercard, etc., along with the option to set maximum leverage and open positions up to 750 times greater than their initial investment.

Advantages of the Forex Deposit Bonus

  • 50% Trading Bonus
  • Availability of MetaTrader 4 for faster trading
  • Access to MetaTrader 5 for smart tech trading
  • Flexible trading system
  • Available for all traders
  • Visible for an unlimited time

How to acquire the Forex New Trading Bonus

  1. Create an account on Octa.
  2. Complete the verification process.
  3. Make a minimum deposit of 50 USD.
  4. Receive the 50% bonus and commence trading.
  5. Accumulate profits and fulfill the required lots conditions for withdrawal.

Forex Credit Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Limited-time events may offer higher bonus amounts, potentially up to a 100% deposit bonus.
  • The bonus cannot be combined with internal transfers or deposits from contests/promotions unless specified.
  • Traders can only claim a new bonus if the total bonus funds in the trading account do not exceed the available free margin.
  • It is advisable to claim the bonus immediately after the deposit is credited to the trading account.
  • The bonus is credited into the account and remains locked until volume requirements are met. After meeting the required volume, the bonus is deducted from MT4 | MT5 credit and deposited into the balance, processed hourly.
  • Each deposit's bonus is considered a separate bonus.
  • Traders must trade half the bonus amount in standard lots to withdraw the bonus.
  • Volume calculation begins with the first bonus claimed and progresses sequentially for each subsequent deposit.
  • Withdrawal of the bonus is subject to its presence in the account during lot calculation.
  • If the account's equity falls equal to or below the bonus amount, the bonus is canceled.
  • Withdrawal or internal transfer reducing personal funds below the bonus amount results in bonus cancellation, starting from the latest one.
  • Withdrawal of the trader's own funds post-bonus claim leads to bonus cancellation.
  • Clients can cancel deposit bonuses at any time, but reinstatement is not possible.
  • Octa reserves the right to reject or cancel bonus applications without prior notification.
  • Any unspecified circumstances are subject to Octa's discretion.
  • Octa reserves the right to change, update, or cancel this promotion with notification in the Company news.

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