Power Up 50% Trading Bonus from LondonEX

The 50% Power Up bonus is a type of leverage bonus that allows traders to trade with more funds than they have deposited into their accounts. This bonus essentially provides traders with an extra 50% of their deposit, which they can use to trade with. For example, if a trader deposits $100 into their account, they will receive an extra $50 in bonus funds, bringing their total trading capital to $150. The Power Up bonus is particularly useful for traders who are looking to trade with a larger amount of money, as it allows them to increase their potential profits. The bonus will be applied to your first deposit and therefore will allow you to utilize the deposit to trade and earn up to 50% more credits. So, if you want to achieve your trading goal, start immediately by using the illustrated link below.

Connected Bonus Link: 50% Power Up Bonus

Accessible for: New & Existing Traders who have not made any deposit

Durable for: Unlimited Time

Amount of bonus: 50%

The 50% Power Up bonus or deposit bonus is a popular bonus type offered by LondonEX brokers to help traders maximize their earnings. While having their benefits and drawbacks, it can be a great way for traders to increase their trading capital and potentially increase their profits. It is important for traders to carefully consider the terms and conditions of each bonus type before deciding which one is right for them.

How to achieve the forex Power Up Bonus?

  • Make an account on the broker
  • Finish the Verification process
  • Fund your account
  • Use new strategies 
  • Begin your trading and generate profits

Terms & Conditions:
To obtain the greatest results on your trading and have the best information to increase your experience, make sure you have finished reading and understanding the procedure of the LondonEX broker's full Terms & Conditions.

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