Claim up to $100000 Mega Super Lottery - NordFX

Claim up to $100000 Mega Super Lottery - NordFX

Are you investigating the chance of a Forex Mega Drawing? If affirmative, this is the one for you.

The NordFX intermediary is outlining a new forex drawing, called Mega Super Drawing, in which traders can win a bonus of up to $100,000 USD. Furthermore, you have the possibility of 202+3 chances to win in 2023. There will be a total of three announced contests, each with three prizes and three top prizes of $5,000. So, take advantage of this chance bonus by clicking on the link below.

Direct Promotion Link: Win Mega Lottery up to $100000

Why opt for the mega sweepstakes promotion?

Having completed my research, I am now aware that this bonus provides a splendid opportunity to earn up to $100,000 in prizes. In the first draw, the top winner will receive 40 rewards of $250, 20 rewards of $500, and 5 rewards of $1,000, with two more draws following the same format. The three grand prize winners will receive $5,000 each. So, don't miss out on this chance to participate in the promotion by depositing the specified amount.

Key points of the bonus:

  • 40+40+60 prizes of 250 USD
  • 20+20 prizes of 500 USD
  • 2+5++5 Prizes of 1000 USD
  • 10 prizes of 1800 USD
  • 3 Super Prizes of 5000 USD
  • Available for all traders
  • Visible for unlimited time

The Process of Joining the Lottery:

  1. Open an account with the broker
  2. Fulfill the verification requirements
  3. Visit the promotion segment and deposit the mandatory sum
  4. Initiate trading operations and await the announcement of the draw
  5. Secure the prizes and either withdraw them or apply them to conduct trades

Terms and Provisions:

It is necessary to go through and comprehend the appended terms and provisions, which are fundamental for contestants to understand the procedure. Therefore, read them carefully before proceeding with the mega lottery.

From where I stand:

From where I stand, I can affirm that the promotion is a fantastic opportunity to reach the top level of trading and achieve success. The broker offers lavish incentives, coupled with the most useful and advanced trading equipment. Thus, take advantage of this chance and become flexible in the trading sector.

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