Welcome Forex $8 Account Opening Bonus at GeTrade

Welcome Forex $8 Account Opening Bonus at GeTrade

Welcome Forex Trading $8 Account Opening Bonus launched by the GeTrade broker for all traders to trade and gain profits which is withdrawable.

Direct Connecting Link 8 USD Forex Trading Account Opening Bonus

What is the details of the Forex Trading $8 Welcome Bonus

Delivering an Account Opening Trading Reward, Getrade broker extends an 8 USD bonus to newly registered clients, ensuring complete withdrawal capability upon completing four designated steps. In order to access this bonus, clients are required to deposit a specified amount, facilitating trading activities and fostering proficiency in Forex markets. This campaign offers flexibility for concurrent participation in other promotions and mandates task completion for the automatic receipt of bonuses usable for trading endeavors. Limited to GOLDpro&SILVERpro Pro accounts with a minimum lot size of 0.01, withdrawal eligibility is contingent upon the actual account balance, particularly if it falls below $8 after trading 1 lot. Only closed positions during the campaign period are deemed valid, with premature withdrawal triggering bonus deductions and campaign termination. Failure to meet volume requirements by the campaign's conclusion leads to bonus deductions, prompting clients to maintain adequate margins despite inherent trading risks.

How to acquire the Forex Welcome Trading Bonus

  • Register account: Free
  • Receive $1 upon signup
  • Verify account: Get extra $1
  • Deposit: Get $3
  • Trade 1 lot: Earn additional $3

Forex Newcomers Bonus Terms and Conditions

  1. Campaign compatible with other promotions
  2. Tasks completion auto-adds MT4 bonuses for trading
  3. Exclusive to GOLDpro&SILVERpro Pro (min 0.01 lot)
  4. Withdrawal relies on actual balance post 1-lot trade
  5. Only closed positions in campaign period considered valid
  6. Premature withdrawal deducts bonus, ends campaign
  7. Unmet volume requirements result in bonus deduction; clients manage trading risk, ensure margin
  8. Negative balance before volume fulfillment ends campaign, resets balance to 0 sans open positions
  9. Reopening accounts by existing clients during campaign disqualifies; multiple IP registrations may disqualify
  10. Company reserves right to suspend trading, revoke bonus for campaign breaches
  11. Company may alter, suspend, or end campaign at discretion sans prior notice

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