$250 Forex No Deposit Bonus Returned Back Now by TheLiquidity

$250 Forex No Deposit Bonus Returned Back Now by TheLiquidity

The Liquidity Broker has introduced a generous No Deposit Bonus worth $250 USD for their No Deposit Account users, whether they are new or already registered. This exciting promotion allows you to generate profits without having to deposit any money upfront. Moreover, you can easily withdraw your earnings by trading a minimum of 2 lots. To take advantage of this offer, just click on the designated link provided and secure your bonus right away.

Direct promotion Link: Forex No Deposit Bonus of $250 USD

What are the reasons behind people opting for the No Deposit Bonus?

After conducting thorough research, I have come to realize that this promotion offers an excellent opportunity to initiate your forex trading journey. The remarkable No Deposit Bonus of $250 USD allows you to generate profits using this complimentary amount, which can be withdrawn once you have fulfilled the minimum requirement of 2 lots. Additionally, in order for your trades to be considered as valid volume, you need to achieve a minimum of 6 pips or 60 points. It is important to note that while an initial deposit is not mandatory, a deposit of $150 USD is required prior to withdrawal, and the withdrawal amount must be $300 USD.

What are the benefits of the Bonus?

  • $250 Trading Bonus
  • No Need to Make a Deposit
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Accessible to New and Current Traders
  • Opportunity for Withdrawal

How to avail the bonus?

  1. Register for a No Deposit Bonus account
  2. Verify your trading account
  3. Obtain the free amount and initiate your trading activities
  4. Accumulate profits and attain the necessary trading volume
  5. Deposit $150 USD to facilitate the withdrawal of your earnings

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The welcome bonus is designed for individuals who hold a No Deposit Account
  2. Both new and existing clients have the opportunity to open a No Deposit Account
  3. The promotion is available for a limited time, so trading activities must occur within this timeframe
  4. Opening multiple accounts is strictly prohibited, and if the broker discovers the usage of multiple accounts, suspension may occur
  5. The No Deposit Bonus can only be acquired once
  6. Account verification must be completed during the registration period
  7. It allows trading on FX currency pairs and commodities using USD currency and a position size of 0.1 lots
  8. The usage of robots or artificial intelligence is not permitted in this platform
  9. The swap-free option is not available, it is exclusively for Muslim traders
  10. For internal transfers, traders need to deposit at least $150 USD into the no deposit account, and this can be done in a single transaction or split into three transactions.

From my perspective:

In my view, this promotion presents a unique prospect for you to generate income without having to invest your personal funds. Here, you have the privilege to utilize the provided amount for trading purposes and earn profits that can be withdrawn once certain conditions are met. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your trading journey and make it more prosperous and seamless.

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