HXFX Global $2000 New Traders Exclusive Reward

Welcome to HXFX Global's website! We are delighted you have decided to join us as a new trader and excited for you to take part in our exclusive $2000 reward program. With unparalleled customer service, advanced trading tools, international banking options, and award-winning educational materials, we make sure all of our traders get the edge they need in order to reach their goals. Our team is full of experienced professionals who understand that different traders require different strategies – so don't hesitate to tell us what type of support would best meet your individual needs. Ready to start? Read on below and find out how you can claim this extraordinary opportunity!

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New customer: If Mr.Li participates in the 500 level, he will receive a $300 deposit bonus, and he will be rewarded with a rebate of $5/lot. If less than 1 lot, the bonus will be released proportionally, until all the bonuses of the participating levels are released. The deposit bonus for unreached lots will be deducted when the event expires.

How to register:

Contact customer service or your account manager to learn about qualifications and event details.


The rule for calculating the number of trading lots: within 30days after receiving the deposit bonus, the client opens 1 lot and then closes 1 lot, the trading lot will be counted as 1 lot.

Each customer can participate once at most (the same customer includes: the same IP, the same ID).

Withdrawal within the validity period of the bonus, the bonus activity is automatically suspended and the deposit bonus will be deducted. Bonus exclusion may cause the order to be forced to close due to insufficient margin, the client should ensure that the available margin in the account is still sufficient without the bonus. If the customer account balance is negative, the result will be borne by the platform.

If the platform suspects that the customer abuses, attempts to abuse, or otherwise abuses the offer, or suspects that the customer uses internal trading accounts, plug-in operating software, or other brokers or individuals for hedging. The platform has the right to stop new transactions of customers and request customers to cancel the investment funds obtained in the account and cancel all transactions, and deduct 6% to 10% of the account balance as administrative expenses as appropriate.

The platform reserves the right to revise, suspend, terminate this activity and any related rules and terms and its interpretation at any time.

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