What are the best topics for Studying Forex trading?

Before moving into real trade, you have to learn some major things to do trading. Here you will find the most important trading concepts in trading which is used for long years. We hope if you learn these concepts clearly you could be a long-time professional trader in forex. Here are the most basic topics and to learn, you have to read the details from the forex blogs to be a perfect trader.

Without these things there are also some other studying topics required to be a perfect trader in trading here is the list of these topics.

Candle Patterns in forex, Momentum in trading, Trend Lines in trading, Trading Psychology, Retest Method, Moving Averages, Chart Patterns, MACD, Trend Following, S&R Areas, Key Levels, RSI, Stochastics, Supply/Demand, Major Reversals, Pivot Points, ATR Stop loss, Psychology, Fundamentals, Zones, Fibonacci, Breakouts, Master Candle, Risk/Reward, Divergence.

Candle Patterns

To make a proper technical analysis report you will need this pattern in trading. It's a pattern that shows the movement prices graphically on a candlestick-based chart.


In trading, momentum means the speed of a price change for a specific currency pair or in stock. Basically, it is used by most intelligent investors in the trading world. Investors are identifying the uptrend and downtrend by using the momentum.


Psychology is the most important part of online forex or stocks trading. There are a lot of things that depended on Psychology in forex or stocks trading. Most of the time traders are losing trading capital for the misunderstanding of forex trading. Investor experts say, they understand trading Psychology will be successful in the trading profession.

Retest Method

A retest alludes to prices switching course after a break and getting back to the breakout level to check whether it will hold. On account of a break to the potential gain, for instance, after the underlying influx of purchasing has run its course, costs might slow down and set off exceptionally momentary benefit-taking selling.

Moving Averages

MA or moving average is the most used technical tool in the trading world. If you want to be a professional trader you must learn the MA or moving average working criteria. This tool is used to update the current time price, taking the average for over a specific time period like 30 days, 1 week, 30 minutes or 1 hour, etc.

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