CXM Direct Lucky Draw 2023

CXM Direct Lucky Draw 2023

If you're searching for a fantastic Lucky Draw in 2023? then this is the best route to take.

Take advantage of the chance to begin your forex trading experience with the new Lucky Draw 2023. By using tickets, you can win up to $5000, along with $1000 and $2000. Trading 5 lots and depositing a minimum of 500 USD earns you one lucky draw ticket. To participate, you only need to open a standard account and register in the MT4 Account. Additionally, clients may only use one MT4 account for the Lucky Draw, and not multiple accounts.

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Why is it 2023's best Lucky Draw?

Based on our research, we have discovered that the bonus prize offers up to $5000 USD for the first prize winner, $2000 USD for the second prize winner, and $1000 USD for the third prize winner through the use of Lucky Draw tickets. To obtain a ticket, you must trade 5 lots, and every ticket increases your chances of winning. The Lucky Draw prize can be used for trading purposes or withdrawn after the promotion period.

Benefits are given by the draw

  • Considerable advancement In 2023
  • Each winner will get $5,000.
  • The runner-up will get $2000.
  • The third Prize Winner will get $1,000.
  • 5 trade lots are equal to 1 Lucky Ticket.

How can you win the competition?

  1. Open an MT4 account with the broker.
  2. Activate a regular account type.
  3. Verify that you concur with the terms and conditions.
  4. Payment of no less than $500 per ticket
  5. Trade as you wait for the promotion to conclude.
  6. Get the rewards and smile.

Terms & Conditions:

Clients who register and accept the terms and conditions for the promotion will only have their valid closed trades during the promotion period count towards trade volume credits. The trade volume credits will be calculated per client, based on one email/name, and not per MT4 account. By registering and accepting the terms, clients acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of the promotion. The company has the right to deny, withhold, withdraw, or terminate the offer and take action against clients who abuse or act in bad faith, which may include withholding costs, terminating access, blocking accounts, and transferring unused balances. Abusive behavior includes extracting profits without exposure to economic risk or hedging positions. Clients should be aware that they can lose more than their deposit and that the company can change or terminate the offer at any time. The company reserves the right to disqualify suspicious participants at its sole discretion without notice or explanation.

In conclusion:

To summarize, participating in the lucky draw contest could be the best way to increase your chances of trading success and achieving financial prosperity. With a prize of $5000, the winnings could be used to elevate your social and economic status, whether it be reinvesting into future trades or investing in a new business venture. Don't miss out on this opportunity to potentially change your financial future, so join the lucky draw contest and aim for the grand prize.

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