100% Forex Trading Credits Bonus on CryptoAltum

Trading potential can be optimized with CryptoAltum.

With your first deposit, you will be rewarded with a 100% match bonus

You can apply for the bonus regardless of your client type

In the first quarter of this year, we deposited our first deposit

The MT5 platform is used for trading

It is possible to earn up to 1 BTC in bonus

0.0167 BCH, 710 XRP, 0.24 ETH, and 1.25 ETH were transferred.

There is a new version of UST 800 replacing LTC 4.68

Only while supplies last

Each account can only receive one bonus credit


You should be aware that you can only receive one bonus credit per household. Multi-account registration results in a loss of profits and only the net deposits are returned to the user.

Our Promotions Terms and Conditions contains a comprehensive description of the terms and conditions.

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Customers of CryptoAltum can benefit from these promotional offers:

A bonus credit (trading credit) can also be referred to as a trading credit.

Upon receiving the deposit bonus, CryptoAltum will notify you

We will email you the MT5 trading platform.

You will be accepting the terms of the 100% Deposit Bonus if you accept it and trade with it

Listed below are the terms and conditions.

Secondly, everything. Criteria

2.1.1 Bonus Credits are only awarded to clients who meet the requirements listed below:

Received a phone call or email from CryptoAltum promoting its 100% forex deposit bonus.

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