30% Bonus on your first deposit at AdorFX

With a Forex Deposit Bonus, you can trade with additional margin and it is a free bonus that you receive when you make a deposit. You can find out the amount of your bonus in the following table:

Receive a 10% deposit bonus when you deposit 100$

You can receive a 20% deposit bonus if you deposit 500 dollars

You will receive a 30% bonus if you deposit at least 5000$

Forex is by far the biggest market in the world. Stock markets or any other markets are dwarfed by Forex. Many traders, who have already been trading forex for some time, think that they will make big profits on the Forex market. However, is the deposit still not allowing trades that you are already able to make? In the case of not having enough margin to make normal trades, what should you do? You should take advantage of the 30% deposit bonus!

Your Forex Trading Account will be able to increase trading volume to greater levels if you deposit and receive the 30% Deposit Bonus.

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