$100 Free New Account Opening Credit Bonus

Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective way to get started investing? Look no further than the STARTRADER $100 Free Account Opening Credit Bonus. With this incentive, novice investors are equipped with all of the tools needed to begin their journey into the world of stock trading without a heavy upfront investment.

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$100 Free New Account Opening Credit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Clients who wish to participate must create a real account.

Once signing up new account bonus, you will get a test account and receive $100 Free New Account Opening Credit Bonus.

The credits given by STARTRADER will be fully retrieved 14 days after the test account has been activated. If a client deposit funds to the real account and meets the volume of lots traded, s/he could withdraw the profits.

Clients are required to make minimum deposit of $100 and complete the required trading volume of 2 lots in live account. To withdraw the profit from the test account to the live account, with a profit limit of 100 USD

This $100 Free New Account Opening Credit Bonus promotion cannot be participated with other promotions at the same time, one must wait for the end of the campaign before participating in other bonus promotions.

In order to withdraw the profit, the volume of lots traded and the deposit must be made within 14 calendar days after signing up the $100 Free New Account Opening Credit Bonus promotion. Withdrawal of funds from real account will disqualify you from receiving your profit

For example, if a test account is opened on 2022/08/31, with a profit of 80 USD. The client must fulfil the above term A to withdraw the profit before 2022/09/13. If over the date the profit cannot be withdrawn and will be retrieved by the system.

Trading Profits from the test account will be released to the live account within 10 working days when the conditions for withdrawal of profits are met. More Terms and Conditions

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