The Top 7 Facts About Forex Market Why You Need Trade

Forex Fact #1:  Low Costs

You don't pay any broker commissions or exchange fees in Forex Trading.  If you trade on margin, you don't pay any margin interest, as you do with stocks.  Forex brokers make money strictly on the spread — the difference between the bid and ask price for each tradable item.  (Spreads are not unique to Forex — they exist in every market, including stocks and futures.)  As long as you don't trade too frequently, the amount you spend on the spreads will be minuscule.

Forex Fact #2:  Less Prone to Manipulation

The sheer size of the Forex market makes it much more difficult for any entity—no matter how large—to manipulate currency prices.  Things that can significantly affect stock prices — such as analyst recommendations, fund buying/selling, programmed trading, insider trading, government intervention, news items, etc. — have a much smaller effect on currencies.  The result is smoother, more reliable trends based much more on fundamentals.

Forex Fact #3:  Simple to Research and Monitor

Although there are 194 currencies used today, most of the trading in Forex revolves around the eight most liquid currencies.  This makes your job as an investor much easier.  You may not be able to research and monitor each of the 4,000 stocks that trade on the NYSE or the 2,800 that trade on the NASDAQ ... but eight currencies? — No problem!

Forex Fact #4:  No Restrictions on Short Selling

You can go long or short on any currency you like.  This lets you make money whether the U.S. dollar is rising or falling.

Forex Fact #5:  Real-Time Quotes & Rapid Execution

Forex trading takes full advantage of the high speed of today’s Internet.  Price quotes are updated every few seconds, with hardly any delay.  Orders are processed instantly, too, so that your trade will almost always be executed at the price you see quoted.

Forex Fact #6:  You Can Trade Whenever You Like

Because the Forex market is open 24 hours a day, six days a week, you can place trades whenever it's convenient for you.

Forex Fact #7:  Getting Started is Easy

All you need is a computer, a high-speed Internet connection, and a Forex account.  The trading software you need is provided FREE by your Forex broker, along with other tools such as charting and news.

Now that I’ve told you a little about the FOREX Market... let me tell you the best way to get rich and stay rich in the forex market.

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