Latest 50% Forex Deposit Bonus for each deposit in Octa

Latest 50% Forex Deposit Bonus for each deposit in Octa

Why you need to choose the Deposit Bonus

Enjoy a Forex Deposit Bonus that grants you a 50% bonus on each deposit you initiate. The broker provides the user-friendly MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 platforms, ensuring seamless and intelligent trading experiences. Moreover, you have the opportunity to generate profits within the promotion, and once you meet the specified trading lots, you can withdraw your earnings. Explore the benefits of accessing leverage and cutting-edge technological tools.

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How to claim the bonus

  • Sign up on Octa
  • Complete the verification process
  • Deposit $50
  • Start trading and meet trading lots requirements
  • Withdraw your profits

Conditions of the Credit Bonus

  1. Limited-time events provide up to a 100% deposit bonus.
  2. Bonus rules: Not applicable for internal transfers, claim after deposit, locked until volume met.
  3. Each deposit bonus is distinct; withdraw with (bonus amount) or2 standard lots.
  4. Volume calculation initiates with the first bonus; successive withdrawals require meeting the previous volume.
  5. Example: $100 deposit on Monday, $50 bonus on Wednesday; calculation starts Wednesday.
  6. Withdraw the bonus if still present during lots calculation.
  7. Bonus is canceled if account equity equals or falls below the bonus amount.

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