Headway opened a Flexible and Transparent Copy trade

This April Headways announced the launch of a brand-new copytrading service. Amid similar solutions, Headway Copytrade stands out with its unique approach to transparency and client satisfaction. The broker strived to create a copytrading environment that would empower traders to achieve their financial goals with confidence, and the resulting service exceeded all expectations. Headway clients can join Copytrade in their Personal Area.

Headway Copytrade is flexible and transparent

Copy trading is a type of social trading that allows investors to automatically copy trades after other traders. This great feature lets amateurs learn from more experienced traders and earn money while doing it.

For clients who want to copy another trader’s strategy, Headway prepared an incredibly accommodating environment:

  • Customization: Headway clients can use any account regardless of its type, size of leverage, or other settings;
  • Accessibility: With a starting capital of only $1 and an adjustable copy ratio, even beginners can take advantage of this new feature;
  • Transparency: Investors can see the full history of all transactions made by the owner of a strategy including a list of traded instruments;
  • Freedom of choice: With Headway, clients also have the option to take control over their copy trades and make personal trading decisions.

“Copytrade isn’t just about copying. We know that it can be difficult to put trust in someone else when it comes to money matters. That’s why our clients have the freedom to make their own trading decisions even if it’s different from what the strategy owner is doing,” explains Yulia Ivanova, CEO of Headway. “It also helps investors learn not to fear markets, which is often the key to achieving success.”

Headway Copytrade offers new benefits to strategy owners 

Headway Copytrade has perks for traders who want to publish their strategies.

  • Promotion: Headway will promote traders with the best copytrading strategies. Even non-registered users will be able to browse the Copytrade statistics and later join profitable strategies.
  • Low commission: Headway will take only a 15% flat fee on the monthly commission charge from investors.
  • Adjustable profits: Strategy owners can set unlimited commissions for investors (starting from $1) and change them at any time. The investors will be notified of the change and continue trading with the initial commission.
  • Personalized strategy: Traders have no restrictions on leverage or account settings, so they can customize their strategies however they want.

With these opportunities, more experienced traders can increase their earnings by helping their investors become more successful.

Join Copytrade with Headway Forex Broker

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Headway is an award-winning international broker with over 470 popular instruments and unlimited leverage. Trading conditions are customized to traders’ needs: Swap Free accounts, local trading instruments, micro lots, and a minimum deposit of $1. For more information, visit https://hw.online.


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