Forex Trading Reward with Car and iPhone Prizes New

Forex Trading Reward with Car and iPhone Prizes New

Forex Trading Reward with Car and iPhone Prizes New is an exciting offer for those who are wondering to begin their forex trading.offered as New Rewards to their all traders who are beginning their trading and making it successful

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Forex Trading Reward with An Overall View

Discover unmatched trading possibilities through IEXS, your leading portal to the financial markets. Unveiling our cutting-edge points initiative tailored for active users, it guarantees more than just financial gains. It opens doors to a realm of lavish rewards and additional perks. Participation is simple – make an initial deposit and engage in trading foreign exchange, metals, and energy to amass points based on your transaction volume. With 100 points earned for every 1 standard lot traded, users gain access to a range of extra rewards and valuable feedback, enriching the overall trading experience.

Key Features of the Promotion

Redeem your accumulated points for rewards, with an impressive maximum value of $12,500. Envision transforming your successful trades into tangible benefits that extend beyond mere financial gains. IEXS is committed to generously rewarding its users, ensuring that each trade not only brings financial prosperity but also enriches the overall experience in various dimensions.

How to Acquire the New Bonus

  • Log in to your IEXS trading account.
  • Make your first deposit in the deposit section to start trading.
  • Review terms and conditions to confirm eligibility for promotions.
  • Earn 100 points for every 1 standard lot traded for exciting rewards.
  • Explore redemption options, including benefits and a grand prize of up to $12,500.

Forex Trading Reward Terms and Conditions

Although the broker does not explicitly detail specific terms and conditions, it is advisable to carefully read the description and adhere to their general terms and conditions.

Forex Trading Reward with Super Car and iPhone

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