Welcome Credit Bonus with New 50% Extra at PuPrime

Welcome Credit Bonus with New 50% Extra at PuPrime

Welcome Credit Bonus of 50% which is a magnificent chance for traders where you can get a bonus and can trade then generate profits that can be withdrawn.

Direct Promotional Link Puprime 50% Deposit Bonus up to $500 Forex

What is the Overview of the PuPrime Welcome Bonus

PU Prime is offering a 50% Deposit Bonus promotion. Traders can receive trading credits equal to 50% of their deposit, up to $500. To activate this promotion, they should visit the Client Portal and activate it in the Promotions tab before making a deposit. The bonus is applicable to the first $1,000 of the deposit, and subsequent deposits can enjoy a 20% bonus, with a maximum of $10,000. PU Prime's deposit bonus stands out as it allows traders to absorb losses and maintain positions, unlike other brokers, as credits remain even if equity falls below the initial credit.

Nevertheless, specific terms and conditions govern this offer. Eligibility criteria are in place, and certain countries have restrictions on the promotion. Regulations also cover internal transfers between accounts. PU Prime retains the right to disqualify participants and has the authority to alter or terminate the promotion at its discretion. Traders must acknowledge and agree to these terms before participating in the 50% Deposit Bonus.

Key Benefits of the Forex Credit Bonus

  • Enjoy a 50% Trading Bonus
  • Unlock an Additional 20% Bonus
  • Access World-Class Infrastructure
  • Experience Top Tier Execution
  • Trade with Peace of Mind
  • Personalized Trading Conditions
  • Explore More Markets for More Opportunities
  • Constant Support Every Step of the Way
  • Withdraw Your Profits

How to get the Puprime Bonus

Forex Latest 50% Deposit Bonus Rules and Regulations

  1. The trader deposits $500, gets $250 bonus credits, earns $50 profit, opens a new trade.
  2. The new trade faces a $550 floating loss. Unlike others, PU Prime keeps credits even if equity falls below initial credits, avoiding stop-out for a trend reversal.
  3. 50% Deposit Bonus for eligible PU Prime clients referred through specific channels to real trading accounts.
  4. Bonus offered globally at PU Prime's discretion, with legal age restrictions.
  5. Prohibited for minors, intermediaries, or associated persons with PU Prime. Restrictions on deposits via cryptocurrency or e-wallet in certain countries.

Welcome Credit Bonus of 50% at PuPrime for all

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