FBS Risk-Free Forex Trading Investing

There are no losses associated with the investment. A company's profitability is all that matters.

An investment that has no risk attached is risk-free.

Are you new to copy trading and don't want to make a mistake? FBS new Risk-Free Investment feature ensures that you will not lose money! Risk-free investments allow you to find out if you are good at investing before you lose money. The three steps are installing FBS CopyTrade, signing up, and verifying your account.

No matter what the scenario, stay profitable. Investing risk-free allows you to be compensated for all that you might lose.

Make Money Investing

Don't lose anything by making your first investments. One way: you gain profit, one way: you retain the money you initially invested!

Become a copy trader with these basics

Discover how you can earn money with FBS CopyTrade simply by understanding its main features.

Are you interested in giving it a try?

Automatical Stop Loss

The total number of risk-free investments is three. The maximum investment per person is $100.

The Stop Loss on all of them is 10% automatically, so you can't lose more than 10% of your investment. Despite any circumstances, we will refund your money.

Two Weeks to Go

Then, for the next two weeks, you can make three risk-free investments when you sign up and click the "Count Me In" button.

Diversifying your investments between three traders is essential. $140 Forex No deposit bonus

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