Get a 50% Deposit Bonus in Forex with ACT Markets

Get a 50% Deposit Bonus in Forex with ACT Markets

ACT Markets is pleased to announce its latest promotion, which offers a generous 50% bonus on your deposit. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your trading funds. By meeting the required trading volume, you can generate profits that are eligible for withdrawal. Don't miss out on this exciting bonus – use the provided link to claim it now.

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What is the Forex 50% Trading Deposit Bonus?

The Forex 50% Deposit Bonus is a special offer provided by ACT Markets, aimed at enhancing your Forex trading experience. This bonus allows you to receive up to $1500 USD to augment your trading capital. The best part is that the bonus amount is withdrawable, providing you with additional flexibility. In addition, you will have access to the broker's latest trading tools, enabling you to explore new strategies and techniques to make your trading journey even more thrilling. To qualify for this promotion, you are required to make a deposit of $250 and undergo account verification by submitting valid documentation. Take advantage of this opportunity and follow the outlined process to claim your bonus now.

Key Features of the Welcome Bonus:

  • 50% trading bonus
  • Bonus amount of up to $1500
  • Withdrawable profits
  • Free margin
  • Multiple payment methods available
  • Accessible to traders of all levels
  • Offer valid for an unlimited time period

How to participate in the Forex Deposit Bonus campaign?

  1. Register an account with the broker.
  2. Verify your account by submitting valid proof of address (POA) and proof of identity (POI).
  3. Make a deposit of $250 USD.
  4. Request the 50% Welcome Bonus by sending an email to [email protected].
  5. Receive the bonus within 24 hours.
  6. Start trading and generate profits.
  7. Meet the required trading volume to become eligible for profit withdrawals.

Terms & Conditions:

It is important to familiarize yourself with the broker's trading Terms & Conditions, as they apply to this promotion. Reading and understanding these terms is essential for every trader. Take the time to review them before participating in the campaign to ensure a smooth and successful trading experience.

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