Forex Free $50 Latest No Deposit Bonus at XTrend Speed

Forex Free $50 Latest No Deposit Bonus at XTrend Speed

Specification of the No Deposit Bonus of XTrend Speed

In the XTrend Speed Credit system, users can earn Credits with a $1 conversion rate, either through the Task Center or a potential $50 for clients without a deposit. However, these Credits have restrictions, they can not be withdrawn, traded for high-value products, or held overnight. Profits from Credit trades are treated as capital but require a deposit for withdrawal. Losses are covered by the company, and there are specific rules for trading practices and Credit expiration. Clients must be fully verified to claim profits, and the transfer of Credits is not allowed. The company has the authority to void trades and revoke Credits in cases of default, technical issues, fraud, or improper trading, underscoring the importance of following the Client Agreement.

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How to acquire the Welcome bonus

  • Sign up for an account with the broker.
  • Successfully complete specified tasks.
  • Be rewarded with the Membership Card.
  • Avail the No Deposit Bonus.
  • Activate the Welfare perks.
  • Kickstart trading activities and invite friends.
  • Attain profits and meet the required lots volume.
  • Withdraw the profits you've earned.

Terms of the XTrend Speed No Deposit Bonus

  1. Clients are unable to convert Credit to cash or initiate withdrawals.
  2. Task Center completion is a means to earn Credit.
  3. Users without deposits have the opportunity to acquire up to $50 in Credit.
  4. Credit cannot be traded for products if deposits exceed $100 per lot.
  5. Automatic closure of cash transactions for inactive users after 7 days.
  6. Credit is distinct from Account or Equity balances.
  7. Profits from Credit trades are credited as capital.
  8. Withdrawal of profits is contingent upon making a deposit.
  9. Losses are covered by the company, offering full protection for Credit invested margin.
  10. The maximum profit from a Credit trade is limited to 100% of the Used Margin.
  11. Holding Credit trades overnight is against the rules.
  12. Credit lacks redeemability for cash, and once utilized, any residual value is forfeited.

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