Win Big with DCFX New Year Trade and Win Promotion

Win Big with DCFX New Year Trade and Win Promotion

Prepare to welcome the New Year with extraordinary presents from the DCFX New Year Promotion. From gold and iPhone 15 to motorcycles and cars, explore the fantastic options and kick off the year with a bang. Be sure not to overlook this thrilling opportunity!

Celebrate the New Year with our exciting promotion, the Direct Connecting Link DCFX New Year Promotion.

Prepare yourself for an exciting start to the New Year with fantastic presents from DCFX! No matter your preferences, be it gold, the newest iPhone 15, motorcycles, or cars, they have it all. Take advantage of their wide selection and find the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Don't let these amazing deals from DCFX slip away and give yourself or your loved ones a fantastic beginning to the year.

How to join DCFX New Year Promotion

  1. Register yourself for this promotion

All users who want to participate must register yourself first

  1. Select a real trading account to participate

Each user can only choose one real trading account to participate

  1. Complete the challenges

Complete the minimum deposit, lots, and the trading duration.

  1. Get your prize!

Choose and get your prize!

Select and claim your reward!

The opportunity to participate in the Trade and Win Promotion is available to all DCFX customers. To be eligible for the promotion, customers must possess a real account and sign up for one real account to join.

Customers can only choose one account to take part in this promotion. Once they have registered successfully, they must meet the deposit, lot, and trading time requirements in order to be eligible for the prize. It is necessary to make a deposit in order to unlock the desired rewards.

Deposits will be counted from the beginning of the promotional period; any deposits made prior to the start of the promotion will not be included in the calculation.

Any positions that are opened before the start of the promotional period will not be included in the calculation. The calculation of lot volumes will be done only during the promotional period. The calculation of lot volumes applies to all positions that have been completed.

In case the customers fulfill the terms of the prize within the designated time frame, they are eligible to exchange it even if they exceed the time limit, as long as they make a re-deposit equivalent to their initial deposit for the prize requirements.

Don't miss out on DCFX's thrilling promotion to kick off the New Year! Explore a range of gifts including gold, iPhone 15, motorcycles, and cars to find the perfect way to start the year. Visit our website now and take advantage of this exclusive offer.

DCFX New Year Trade and Win Promotion

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